Can Spiders Think outside the Box?

. . . Very silly rhetorical question.  Spider sentience and human cognition could only be cognates in a first class Vonnegutian chronosynclastic infundibulum.  Yet this funnel spider’s web suspended upside down in the bright air makes thoughts of thinking, and of boxes to be outside of, just too effortless.
Here, gratis one Vinay Nihalani (sinlessphotography.blogspot.com/2007/12/funnel-spider.html), is the lovely portrait of a normal funnel spider posing in the mouth of her normal underground funnel web:

The tunnel plunges deep into the dark, where the spider can lurk in wait for her prey.
Ergo, how not to wonder what the author of the aerial web in my garden this morning was thinking? Is it better to ask what cosmic imperative she followed through the night?
Other possibilities:
The spider
  • is the offspring of a funnel spider and an orb-web-spinning spider and suffers some fatal genetics-based confusion;
  •  suffers from anomie;
  • is mordantly witty;
  • knows something the rest of us don’t yet.